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Hi Dave,

I just took a look at your site in the Factory and all but one of your categories are set to "hidden". The only category that's not set to hidden only has 1 product in it.

So, there's nothing to filter because products in hidden categories do not get displayed in the default views.

I'm assuming you are trying to filter your dripped products by price. That's more of a custom field/wordpress/ customization you'll need to make. The following link might help you but given your current set up (ie. products stored as posts) setting up a price filter is outside of the scope of support we can provide. It's strictly a WP thing:

Regarding your indexing question, for all intents and purposes there is no content in your "store". All the content seems to be in your blog. The content in your store will not be displayed in any of the default Views because all of the products in your store are in hidden categories (save for 1 product).