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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
These are the size of the images the merchants are sending. It's possible that those merchants aren't providing a thumbnail version either.

My only suggestion would be to either link to the images directly from the merchants' websites (to reduce the http requests to your site) or possible contact this user about his plugin: /showthread.php?t=7996

Hi Eric,

I really dont want the merchant to host the images as this is bad for many reasons.

This is what the merchant has come back and said

Hope your well and glad to hear a new site is on its way, where are you grabbing the product data from for the site?? Are you using our webgains feed? If so there should be options for the other image sizes available in the other fields of the csv?

It seems that Datafeedr is grabbing the high res versions?

The merchant is shore on UK webgains
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