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Hmm, it didnt seem to work. Still product page and category page url's shows in Facebook as my Store's frontpage.

And i came up with another question, when i have one category in my store, lets say like 'Fashion' and under that i have sub-categorys like 'Women' and 'Men' and under these sub categorys i have like 'Dress' or 'Jeans', so, when i click product details from forexample 'Fashion' -> 'Men' -> 'Jeans' -> Product, i see my title is on as "Productname | Jeans | MyStorename" So my problem is i would like that title to be like "Product details | Jeans | Men | Fashion | MyStorename" so it shows where exactly the product are. like in breadcrumbs...

How do i do this?

Thanks: Tommy