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Default Price filter has a bug

URL to page in question:

When I am on the Homepage, sort by high to low price, and then select the Under $50 price filter, the results dont filter properly. I see results with really high prices.

Caroline: The Now price is the right one to filter by. If there is no Now price though, then it should be the Was price or the original price. Please follow these steps:
1) Go to home page
2) Select Sort by: Price (High to Low)
3) Youll see a watch that is now $9999.99
4) Click on the < $50 filter
5) Youll see a watch that is $15,500.00
The filter for price is not working properly because 15,500 is NOT less than $50. Also, there is another bug. If I sorted by Highest to Lowest Price, why isnt it showing the $15,500.00 watch first? If there is an issue with the selling price, then lets switch to price as the price filter.