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Originally Posted by Eric View Post

Do you mind if I pass on this information to an affiliate manager who is writing an article for merchants?

Hey Eric - no I dont mind as long as there is some credit where credit is due You may wish to pass along that I spoken to quite a few affiliates and many of them are getting really jumpy about what is happening right across this affiliate business, a lot to do with google, also a lot to do with how merchants do absolutely nothing for affiliates, meaning help them help themsleves so it becomes a win / win situation for all concerned. Days of merchants simply joining companies like shareasale or such like and expecting affiliates to market their goods are coming to a close because affiliates are getting smarter and demnding more to help them suceed and this should be coming from the merchants and currenlty it is not.

I belong to an Internet Marketing group in Auckland New Zealand and I can tell you affilates are starting to hurt a lot with what is happening within the affilate arena and quite frankly are tired of all the BS stuff around and tired of its all about me attitude coming from a lot of merchants and as I said merchants failing BIG BIG time to help their affiliates become successful. Why dont they have partnerships to help the affiliates with marketing etc.

Guess you tell I am a little bit *********************** with merchants and the commission structure and the whole way the affiliate thing is structured and works and being treated a some STUPID low class citizen

It is a divide and conquer thing and the thing is affiliates just sit back and take all this nonsense.

AND it has an impact on companies such as yours - you Guys would of noticed I gone from 5 shops to one... Have you asked me why??? It is because of this issue...

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