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Default Merchant Issues

Hey Team

I thought I just add some thoughts in relation to being an affilate of any merchant.

One of the main issues I have had is the responsiveness and willingness of merchants to resolve and fix issues, even if it means they have to spend money and time doing so.

In my travels I have had to point out very politely and nicely to affiliate managers that as an affiliate I am building there business, not mine, I do not get to keep the customer, eventually the cookie span falls off and they have got a customer for life that all my hard efforts have given them.

Many merchants quite frankly via their affiliate manager either do not repsond or have a attitude that is highly questionable to say the least. I mean they treat you like some piece of rubbish.

Personally I have been forthright with some really big merchants, again very politely and all I got was real attitude and even though their products may be excellent, I am no longer an affiliate of theirs.

You as an affiliate need to remember that you are spending time and money driving customers to these sites and in many cases for very little return.

It is the volume of customers that will be giving you the return. Sooner or later the cookie drops off and you loose any further income from that customers unless you figured out a way to get them coming back to your site first and then to go to the merchants site after that.

With one of my companies which just happens to be in China it has taken me months to get some changes happening, by being persistant and perseving but they are going to happen.

Also many of the people who are affiliates have a large amount of knowledge and experience at driving traffic (you may surprise yourself just how much you know) because that is how you are making your money online.

My point here is never under estimate yourself when dealing with merchants, you do have all this experience and knowledge and they should quite frankly be valuing you as an affiliate not like some second class citizen.

With the merchant I mentioned above, they have eventually made specific changes to their datafeed, they have increased my cookie time (quite frankly merchants should be giving all affiliates life time cookies) not just 30, 60, 90 day cookies. This cookie thing is really a rip off especially the lower ones, 30 days etc.

Why did they do this, it was not based on the sales, it was based soley on how much traffic I was driving to their site and very clearly pointed out this to them when talking with them. If I had made a sale for every visitor I had sent them, I would be writing this from some sunny location on a laptop because I would have a very large bank account.

Personally I think affiliates need to think through very clearly what value they are to a merchant and though your sent visitors may not be buying from the merchant in that instant or time, your efforts have got them there. I am not talking about rubbish visitors but highly targeted ones who would be very likely come back to the merchants site in the future.

You the affiliate are of a huge value to any company and if they are not listening to suggestions and replying to support and enquiry tickets, then move on and find merchants who do value you and all the effort you are making for them.

Be bold, be strong and be courageous and never let these merchants put you down in any way at all.

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