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Well .. I deleted my store, and it won't let me add a new one - it's rejecting all store keys but, I think it might be because of my facebook connection. Maybe I'll try again in 24 hours and see what happens. I remember seeing something that the free account can only be re-synch'd once every 24 hours. Maybe I'm blocked until then?
// D'oh! //

I forgot step #0 ... which was 'enable Shopya integration!' lol .... I was able to re-create, but had to first delete app from both my FB profile and specific FB page in order for the FB page to come up on the selection screen again.

> A cleaner version is now placed ...... I only included 40 products .. see how that goes for now. Rather than use search criteria, I just picked & chose ones that are not clothes or software that expires or is outdated ... (like coffee mugs etc )
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