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Never Mind .... I just created a store in facebook under their free plan, PLUS sent request of these and a few other questions to their support.

HOWEVER ...>> is there a way to make the images much larger in the facebook page? They are puny!


Originally Posted by 1800HART View Post
On the "Free Plan" ... what does it mean .. >> Max SKUs 50 ???

The ? help suggests this is ... "the maximum products you can display on your facebook store"

>> Does that mean - at a time? Or, that you can only use a store that has 50 products in there?

//// to clarify /////

I'm okay with only 50 products being displayed or "picked up" in facebook for the free plan - but, my store may have 500 products and will depend on latest update of the products that vendors are offering or selected from my saved searches and just want to know if that is a FAIL key to make store not work or not.
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