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ok iam using below code now:

<form method="get">

<div id="slider-range"></div>

$<input type="text" size="4" id="minprice"> - $<input type="text" size="4" id="maxprice" >

<input type="hidden" name="price" id="pricego"><input type="submit" value="GO">


d) Does method ="get" is a MUST?

after when I selected some values and then clciked "GO" button, Now iam getting URL as :

I have some queries:

a) Now products are displaying as per the range selected (check above url), BUT I wanna display products from low to high as soon as anyone selects Price Filter, so how can I achieve this..?

b) How its automatically got appended
(i didnt understood this..)

c) How can I display "$" symbol in url..? I mean like this:
e) How can I clear "Price Filter" .. ?

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