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Wink store not showing up

Store ID: 39840
Website URL:
URL to page in question:

Hi, I have just installed the plugin and it shows that I have my store imported with products. However, it is not producing any results on my web site. I am using an Elegant theme's theme: eStore.

My wordpress is installed in the sub-directory of the-music-universe (/musicnegotiator), just incase that makes a difference. At first, I kept having issues with the store not importing from the factory because of the url (sub-directory). I changed the value in the basic store settings to read just the-music-universe (not where I want my store--I want it in the sub-directory (music negotiator).

Even so, the plugin shows that I have 2 categories in my store (/musicnetgotiator) with almost 4 thousand products, but those categories are not showing up any where in admin or the site.