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Default Custom Widget Problems

Hey all,

We're having some trouble with the widget views on our homepage. We created several custom widget views and put them in the sidebar of our Wordpress site.

However, no matter what template we use for each of them, the images come through in their natural size and impair the structure of the columns we have set up.

Please take a look at at the section that lists the 4 columns of: Featured Products (default products widget), Sale Items (custom widget), Hot Products (custom widget), and Recently Viewed Products (custom widget) to see this problem in the wild.

You will notice that the default widget (on the left) is fine and the custom ones we made are generating the problems.

PS - Similar, but somewhat unrelated, you might notice that we have some products that repeat in each row. How do we stop that from happening? We also wouldn't mind shortening the length of each column, but the widget settings don't seem to be abiding by our changes.

Store ID: shopucfnation
Website URL:
URL to page in question:

Thanks in advance for the help and guidance!