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Default Help with best practice methods with add products to your categories (Back End)

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I am looking for best practice methods with add products to your sub-categories. I watched the videos you have and BTW all are great, but you are working with small niche subjects. I was wondering how you deal with larger markets or larger niches that will need more narrowed down product searches. As we all know, merchants do not follow a universal standard format with their feeds, and with some incorporating 3rd party venders, forget about it.

Right now I am working on a main category for bicycle/cycles. I'm working a sub-category of Unicycles, not a lot of products but enough junk to worry down the road with larger product returns. So I figure I would try to narrow it down to a few search parameters and I am not getting what I hope for, maybe it is how I am doing it, so looking for help with some of your best practice methods for narrowing down products. This is how I looking at it.

Product Name: "Unicycles"
Brand: Acclaim|Aosom|Avenir|CFG|Club|CostumeZone|Dimensio n|M-Wave|Mega Brands|MICO|Nimbus|Ramiko|Schwinn|Summit|Sun|Surly |Torker|Uno|VELO|
Has Image: Yes
Exclude duplicates: yes

How should I be doing this? Thanks