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Originally Posted by crazysaver View Post
It could still be a useful feature for very niche sites - if you stay under the Panda radar by having < 200 visits per day then it could be useful.
Greetings Dave

Thanks for the insight, however makes me wonder how then my site got whacked by google. It has less than 200 visits per day, uses only unique written reviews and articles.

Here are the stats from Google analytics

Visits: 426

Unique Visitors: 325

Pageviews: 1,259

Pages / Visit: 2.96

Avg. Visit Duration: 00:04:30

Bounce Rate: 57.98%

% New Visits: 76.29%

The bounce rate is high, so from what you wrote because that is high Google has deemed this is a thin affiliate site and decides to pull it from their search engine.

No oine else can tell me the reason why this has happen to my site and what was pointed out to me, I fixed on the spot which was only one alteration.

I see other datafeedr shop sites just displaying products and nothing else, meaning no articles or reviews and they are not banned so ??????????????????????

My site I decided to add some value by having articles written around some search terms, same with reviews (only two so far) and I get kicked out of Google - no sense to me.

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