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I agree that unique content is much better than spin content, but I'm even too lazy to spin the content and too poor (at the moment) to finance outsourced content.

So - this evening I took a closer look at the drip feeds and posts that are coming out of my feeds from the stores created .... and the only thing I could think of that could generically be applied to all stores - were to change the content of the buttons
"Learn More About This Product" ... (details link)
"Buy This Product From" ... (merchant link)

The only common thread that might apply to many stores may be phrases in the description "make money online" or "how to make money" and most feeds do not seem that congested and keyword stuffed i.m.o. AND if I were to fix that I'd probably make it worse. So, I decided to just leave all of that blank and ignore.

Some of the stores I seen are carrying thousands of products and who is going to change every single description of these products.
Exactly - with one store it's crazy enough if you have a lot of products .. with a multitude of stores I know I don't want to even try.
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