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Originally Posted by 1800HART View Post
I've been thinking that rather than creating a unique set of Spin Content keywords and replacement words and phrases for each store, trying to create a standardized GENERAL dictionary or wiki or spin content entries that I can replicate and copy into every store I have.

And, when I say I'm trying to create a standardized GENERAL diction or wiki of spin content, I mean that I'm "thinking" of doing that and, actually have not done a bit of work on this yet!

I thought I would check with the forum first.

Q) Are you even using the Spin Content feature?

Q) what's your strategy?

Greeting Sir

A) No not using the spin feature

B) Articles and reviews are now outsourced, therefore unique.

C) Strategy - is use unique copy not spun or scapped , no matter how good it may come out.

If Mr Google goes about penalising every single affiliate store for duplicate content because of the descriptions in the datafeed, then I think Mr Google is buying a huge fight with a lot of people. To expect every single ecommerce affiliate site to have unique descriptions is ludicious and that is sayting it nicely.

Some of the stores I seen are carrying thousands of products and who is going to change every single description of these products.

The Guys here cannot be expected to code something into the factory for this type of mind boggling behaviour of a company that is trying to address issue in regard rubbish sites and seems to have lost its way on how to do this this.

What it is doing is penalising a lot of genuine affilate businesses and people are starting to get a tad upset. And the way they go about it another issue itself, dont tell you why they have banned your site, just some vague policy as a guideline and then send you to a forum to enquire from people who seems to not employed by Google to tell you why this happened.

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