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Originally Posted by dhilditch View Post
I'm running into an issue since the 'description' column in DataFeedr for the coupons contains something like:

[begins:02/08/2012; ends:02/09/2012; code: WIGG10]

But I'm not seeing that in the database? This makes it impossible for me to write a custom function to do this. Any ideas where this data is going?
That data is in the products table in the description column.

Originally Posted by dhilditch View Post
Also - is there a function like this:

AddReferrer(url, merchantid) // ideally something like this which transforms the DB url field into one containing the right referrerid for the affiliate network?
There's no function but a simple str_replace should work. Here's the PHP for the referrer:
PHP Code:
$referrer_id intval(@$_COOKIE['stortrak']); 
PHP Code: