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Hi Eric,

I need your help again


1) Created a custom view called Coupons
2) Created a hidden category called coupons
3) Added the relevant affiliate networks (the coupon ones) to my settings
4) Added the merchants to my store
5) Tried to add coupons to my hidden category
6) Modified the product list view to show the coupons (I intend to show the coupons once a user has liked the site, and it'll be a popover of some sort)

My problem seems to come at point 5 - after updating the shop and products, there are no coupons in the DB:

select * from wp_dfr_shop_products
where tags like '%coupon%'

Above returns nothing.

Also, in the actually category, it shows the subscription but not the coupons....

As I've been writing this - I've just thought - maybe it's the fact that coupons have a price of zero?