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Hi - thanks Eric. I will definitely add caching shortly, but I'd really like to speed up the underlying query if possible, probably using an index. I'm used to using SQL Server where it's easy to monitor queries running against the DB. I've had a look at the source code to try and figure out the query but it's tricky.

I'm figuring that an index against the categoryid would really help since ALL of our custom views on this site include a categoryid.

Thanks for your help - I hadn't been aware of this view caching thing from inside Datafeedr and had been thinking only of using WP Super Cache.

The reason I'm not happy with just caching is because I want the site to run blindingly fast for GoogleBot which is regularly going to be indexing pages which are not currently cached so Google considers our site blindingly fast (sub half-second) and gives us the related boost in SEO as a result.