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Default Speed of Custom Views

Hi Eric/Stefan,

I have been working recently on optimising the speed of our site and have done well so far - the shop is loading much faster now that I've eliminated a whole bunch of modules that Apache was loading by default. This reduces the memory footprint per worker thread and means the server doesn't start thrashing through virtual memory.

Then I got to work on our wordpress category pages - these were taking upwards of a MINUTE to load and I found it was because under the hood, the wordpress template was loading all of the [DFR:AddProducts?c=....] custom views on each page. I've modified those pages to not load the content and those pages all load sub-second now.

But still, on our site we are publishing 'buyer guides', 'expert advice' and 'a-list reviews'. On each of these posts we often place multiple custom views. I am finding that each custom view is taking 3 seconds to load. This seems incredibly excessive to me - I should be able to get it down to less than 100ms since it's only loading 5 products.

Here are some examples:

This post has two custom views on it:

This post has four custom views on it:

To confirm it is the DFRs (custom views) that are causing the speed problem, here is a post with no DFRs on it:

Can you help? We use a categoryid on every DFR so there should be a database optimisation possible but as you stated before, you won't support us if we modify stuff under the hood