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For all I know, Michael may not even exist. Either way, it's the same old story. Claims of incredible success, spoken by someone who sounds incredibly logical and smart, but there's never a real life example in sight. Personally, I believe that's because it's sales talk. People love to hear success stories and it converts to sales. Yet they never stop and ask "Which site did you learn all this from?" or "What site are you running that's so successful?"

The notion that they're afraid they'll be copied is absurd. Besides, you know you're onto something good when others start trying to imitate.
That's actually funny, but not too hard to believe However, as long as I have been here (since April 2008) and started reading Michael's posts and listened to his podcasts and interviews ... I know of 6 sites that he started, 2 of which are defunct which I presume did not work out so he moved on, and 4 that are still going on today. I have no idea how many sites he has in total, but all sites were readily found in these archives and his interviews, if you listen. But, I too will respect his wishes and not publish any of his sites in here in public or private.

Over the years I have purchased many ebooks and read and listened to a lot of people and did so, and continue to do so for two reason ..... (1) to figure out how they managed to get me to buy their ebook or read their information and (2) use their ideas to brainstorm some of my own ideas.

Mostly, I am more interested in item (1)

It's like that song "Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen" (search for the lyrics).

"The notion that they're afraid they'll be copied is absurd. Besides, you know you're onto something good when others start trying to imitate."

It's tricky to start copying other people and always worry that you might get sued or even worse .. 'crowd-busted' or flamed online in public by someone who doesn't appreciate your attempts to mimic their work.

I know myself, a lot of the (appearance of) success of Michael seemed to relate to article marketing methods that I'm just not prepared to spend time, so I could never copy or imitate him anyway. From all the interviews and case studies in here, I did not get the impression (other than the URL's) that he was trying to lie or mislead anybody with his statements or results. And, i don't think for a minute that he is some secret partner or actually Eric or Stefan trying to better market Datafeedr.

Here is ACTUALLY a website that I know for a fact makes BIG money:


Look and feel is basic.

No fancy tricks.

It gets at least 10k visitors per day and makes a lot of affiliate sales. How?

The owner KNOWS her stuff and has written tons and tons of great pages and sliced in some products that she can personally vouch for. THAT is how it's done.
I like the disclosure page on this site!
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