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Thanks Nzcid, good post.

I think the key is to be very, very niche (my main site - outside of my Datafeedr store - which is is too broad and therefore my visitors aren't targeted enough. They come in for a huge variety of reasons and therefore my sales are low.

That said, I actually made sales when I had the extremely limited tool integrated seamlessly into my pages of original content. I've yet to make a sale with Datafeedr and that's probably because all products are now on a separate site (since Df requires WP). My main site is not built on WP and therefore I can't integrate Df feeds into my existing pages.

For all I know, Michael may not even exist. Either way, it's the same old story. Claims of incredible success, spoken by someone who sounds incredibly logical and smart, but there's never a real life example in sight. Personally, I believe that's because it's sales talk. People love to hear success stories and it converts to sales. Yet they never stop and ask "Which site did you learn all this from?" or "What site are you running that's so successful?"

The notion that they're afraid they'll be copied is absurd. Besides, you know you're onto something good when others start trying to imitate.

And, in fact, all of the information that so regularly gets provided in webinars and 'expert Q&A's is just a rehash of the same old stuff and it's all available from any Affiliate or Internet Marketing site. Ultimately, it all boils down to the same sensible approach - keep it real, keep it original, spin it in a unique way, offer visitors REAL VALUE.

I think Datafeedr is a great piece of software. And it could be incredible if it could be integrated onto non-WP sites in the way that you can with Popshops. But webinars such as the Michael Kane one, which no doubt converts to sales brilliantly, offer nothing particularly original. And to those of us who've been doing this a while, it's flawed by the expert being unwilling to say what site he runs.

Can you imagine a lecture on business by a CEO who is unwilling to reveal who he works for? Or which companies he runs? It wouldn't happen. But, if it did, it would completely revoke his authority as a successful businessman.

Here is ACTUALLY a website that I know for a fact makes BIG money:


Look and feel is basic.

No fancy tricks.

It gets at least 10k visitors per day and makes a lot of affiliate sales. How?

The owner KNOWS her stuff and has written tons and tons of great pages and sliced in some products that she can personally vouch for. THAT is how it's done.

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