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Originally Posted by andrewjg View Post
I'm sorry if I came across as disrespectful. It's just when I clicked on the link "Interview with long time Datafeedr member on how he successfully creates & promotes Datafeedr websites." I thought I would get to see at least one of these websites.

And then I started to think about the countless interviews I've read or watched where the expert seems like such an authority - they sound so smart - they're super convincing - only for them to never disclose their work. No doubt they convert to sales though.
What you have raised here is an issue for all newbies in affiliate marketing. Like you I have watched a lot of interviews and spent countless hours putting many things these people have stated into practice only to have limited success.

The part that is missing (and is deliberate) is precisely how to make it work and without this part you will have to take the bits that are offered from people like Michael and soldier on. I was offered personal one to one coaching at price that was way beyond my ability to pay and when I offered alternative pays to pay the price quoted I was informed to go and look elsewhere.

I appreciate what Michael gave us and totally understand how he wants to protect his income and lifestyle but without actual examples to follow it makes it that much harder to succeed in what we are trying to do, which is, be successful like him and be able to give up our day jobs

One of my sites makes a little amount of money and that is it and I continue to work on it adopting many of the things Michael stated in his interviews. Original content, do not use prices (though on other sites Michael said he did - trial and error thing). I don't stack the store with zillions of items as the main aim is to get them to the merchants site.

I also found a plug-in for WP that allows me to see what search terms people are using on goggle to get to my site. If the same search term keeps coming up I get an article written around a combination of these search terms which should assist in driving more traffic to the site. However it is not just traffic that we want, it is the buyers we are looking for who already have their wallets open and are ready to buy.

I have chosen one of the hardest markets around and one Michael steers away from - electronics because if I can succeed in that market I would surely have no issue in other niche markets.

But back to your point - actual examples of success and one to one coaching. I found unless you have the ability to pay large dollars to someone who can prove beyond doubt they are highly successful affiliate marketers then it is keep focused on what you are doing and learn as much as you can and outsource as much as possible within your budget.

Also do not get into the mode of putting up lots of sites as all you are doing is spreading your precious time thin on the ground. Run one or two sites that you have really researched and make those site successful. After that you can duplicate over and over.

Just my thoughts..