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I really can't speak for Michael. I only know he does not share his URLs any more.

You don't have to believe anything in the interview. Personally, I do because we've known Michael for 4 years. If you feel it is BS, that's fine. Michael is the first person to say you should try new things and not to follow his techniques "word for word".

He doesn't sell himself as an internet marketer. That's not his business. In the world of internet marketing, he does not generate enough revenue to be considered a big fish. Big internet marketers make WAY more than Michael.

We knew Michael was having good success with Datafeedr and we asked him if he'd like to do an interview for the benefit of other Datafeedr members. He doesn't sell his services nor does he really have anything to gain from offering the information he offered. He simply asked that we not share any of his URLs. We honor his wishes.

If you get no value from the interview, that's totally fine. I think Michael would be the first person to say forget everything he said and blaze your own path.