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After taking a look to the TradeDoubler and TradeTracker links on your site I see that the variable REFERRER_ID is also displayed in these links.

Normally REFERRER_ID should always be

- replaced by a unique number per visitor (when visitor found your site via a search engine or clicked a link to your site on a 3rd party site) or

- removed (when there's no referrer - visitor typing in your URL directly in the browser for example)

In the first case when visitor clicks through to merchant and makes a sale the number assigned to that visitor is reported in the network's affiliate stats.

Then you can look up that number in the tracking section of WordPress Datafeedr admin to learn how that visitor found your site.

On your site however the variable REFERRER_ID in your affiliate links is never replaced because you're using ShopperPress.

ShopperPress has created its own Datafeedr import function and therefore bypasses parts of our functionality which includes REFERRER_ID tracking.

The reason M4N links with REFERRER_ID don't work is because it looks like M4N only accepts numbers as value for its 4dsid parameter.

The links from the other networks you're using don't have a problem with REFERRER_ID as value. That's why these links redirect properly.

Your options are...

- remove in Factory REFERRER_ID for M4N in order to fix your M4N links if you want to continue using ShopperPress as your theme

- use another theme so you can take advantage of our REFERRER_ID tracking functionality.

Conclusion: with ShopperPress - currently - you will not be able to see where your sales are coming from.

Up to you to decide how important REFERRER_ID tracking is for you.

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