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Default Merchant Logo Product Display When No Products

I don't know if this is a problem with me or datafeedr .....

Here's my code for the Merchant Logos in the sidebar.
<?php echo dfr_get_merchant_logos(); ?>
If you go to any of my sites ... e.g. this one ... in the sidebar there are images of merchant logos ... If I pick one ... and click on it, the link goes to which is good, and only products in the store from are displayed in the center content column.

But - if I take another vendor shown in the sidebar .. Farm & Home Supply Center .. which links to .... I get no products displayed and there is a message "There are no products in the store.".

>> I'm thinking that if merchant logos exist in the store there should be products in the store from that merchant! At minumum, if the merchant logos were downloaded in the store and displayed in the sidebar - at least ONE TIME AGO since I set up this store and/or the automated product feed download has been updated since going online that at least one product from that merchant MUST have existed in the store!

So - if it's not there, either the product has been removed from the store or maybe (not in this case) but it's possible I might have gone into the Factory Store and reshuffled categories or maybe even defined the keywords better so perhaps (maybe in this case) farm products wouldn't appear in my software store.

-- Anyway - if no products exist in the store, it would be ideal if the merchant logo didn't appear in the sidebar. Eric - is there some fancy schmancy PHP coding that can help omit the zero products in store search and merchant logos from appearing in the store?

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