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Originally Posted by 1800HART View Post
This is cool, and exactly what I want!

But - do I need this? I am wondering what effect it will have loading up each facebook like/send buttons on the server's CPU resources when multiplied by many stores in a multisite environment and affected by how many items are displayed on each category page view. I'm also using that "products per page" and "sort" code on the category views, and some may view 48/page etc. Unfortunately (as you know) next month I have to start thinning out the calls on the MySQL data to ease up on the RAM ... as it occasionally slows up the server and cause timing out errors.
Hey Hart

I decided just to have the buttons on the category page at the top just because of the load issue as I use shared servers.

Theme owner was adamant that why they have not built social network buttons in for every page or post (load issue on server), even though plug-ins already exist for this.

So for datafeedr I just use the category buttons for now and wait and see how the use of them progresses. See below.

For Posts:

I have a plug-in for posts that I am using on another site.

You can have the buttons show at the top or bottom of the post. Again I will watch to see if there are any issues and see how they are used.

If you wanted use something like that for post in Wp go to Install Plug-in in the search box use "Facebook Like and Send Button" and it will come up with some options.

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