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Default Details button missing when adding FB code

Speaking of LIKE buttons on category page ...

Eric ... I followed the instructions on this discussion thread

I updated my store #930 in the category default view, both text and product modules. It works nice (example:

I then replicated CTRL-C/CTRL-V those entire modules (text & product) in all the other stores and while the FB buttons are there, now the Details button is missing and just a text link. Can you see something that I don't see? They are all the same, but you can compare identical codes in store #2898 (example:

Why doesn't it work? It's the same code in one store copied exactly in the same place as the other store ... and, I have updated store in the datafeedr/tools/plugin/update section


// added //
I wonder - if it has anything to do with multisite and subdomains? The #930 is the root and all the others are subdomains
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