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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
HiWe make every attempt to download the image to your server when you have set it to store images locally. However, it's not always possible because some merchants block this type of behavior using image access controls. In these cases, we have to serve the image which is hosted on the merchant's site.

This is (my guess) of what is happening. And it might explain why Facebook can't grab the image, either. For these sites where it's impossible to download the image to your server, I suggest doing this.

OFF TOPIC: Also, your pages aren't loading for me again or they are just very slow loading. I had to wait a few minutes for this page to load:
Thanks Eric ... This makes sense to me, and I will just let it go // at least the URL works!

What about for domain mapped URL's .. will it work to download the images to my own server now? What exactly was upgraded in v3.8 regarding domain mapping?

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