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Originally Posted by 1800HART View Post
I should be hosting the images locally on this store (?shop=930) as per factory settings
We make every attempt to download the image to your server when you have set it to store images locally. However, it's not always possible because some merchants block this type of behavior using image access controls. In these cases, we have to serve the image which is hosted on the merchant's site.

This is (my guess) of what is happening. And it might explain why Facebook can't grab the image, either. For these sites where it's impossible to download the image to your server, I suggest doing this.

OFF TOPIC: Also, your pages aren't loading for me again or they are just very slow loading. I had to wait a few minutes for this page to load:

Originally Posted by ayorofrance View Post
Any chance of adding something similar to the category pages
I'm assuming you mean just for the page itself and not for every product.

Regarding loading a Like for every product on a category page, I agree with ayorofrance, it would be overkill and what's the point when you do not use product detail anyway... what's the Like button going to link to? A product detail page that doesn't exist or that you do not want to have indexed?

Regarding adding the Like button to the category pages, yes this is possible. It's basically the same steps as outlined in my first post except:

1. You need to make the changes here: The Factory > Your Store > VIEWS > CATEGORY PAGE > Default

2. You need to pass the category image to the page instead of the product image in the <head> elements. Therefore your code will look either like this:
HTML Code:
<meta property="og:image" content=[category.image]" />
or this:
HTML Code:
<meta property="og:image" content=[category.thumbnail]" />
Depending on if you want to show the category image or category thumbnail when the Like button is clicked.