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Originally Posted by Eric View Post

That's because you aren't hosting the images locally. Try changing the code to just this:

HTML Code:
<meta property="og:image" content=[product.image tag='0']" />
I should be hosting the images locally on this store (?shop=930) as per factory settings

However, the image when you right click shows this one .. ??

According to my datafeedr plugin (in tools/directories) images should be here:

Should I try your suggestion? This almost looks too weird to not figure out first which could be the issue. Why isn't the image being stored on my server?

// Also, while I'm at it - I did change my and 2 others that were Domain mapped to NOT store images locally and just use the default - does this v.3.8.4144 fix the locally stored image problem on domain mapped sites? or, just the ability to use the plugin on a mapped domain and we should continue to NOT store images locally?

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