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Thanks - that helped a lot. In the end, I ended up using PHP to write the query and I added in a lot more parameters. Here's what I ended up with so far:

$name = rawurlencode($s->request->params->name);
$price = rawurlencode($s->request->params->price);
$word = rawurlencode($s->request->params->word);
$description = rawurlencode($s->request->params->description);
$brand = rawurlencode($s->request->params->brand);
$merchant = rawurlencode($s->request->params->merchant);
$caption = $s->request->params->caption;

And then under the products, before the clearing div:

<div class="productcaption"><?php echo $caption ?></div><div class="moreproductslink">
<a rel="nofollow" href="/fitness-store/search/?name=<?php echo $name.'&price='.$price.'&word='.$word.'&descriptio n='.$description.'&brand='.$brand.'&merchant='.$me rchant; ?>" >View all</a>

Then I've styled those to float left and right - the finished result can be seen here: