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Default Custom View Parameters - how to read them?

Hi - here's an example link:

From there you can see we have really cool use of the [DFR:customview?name=something&price=10-100] shortcodes.

One thing I would really love to add is a hyperlink from within the custom view which takes the user to similar products. e.g. Our custom view is called 'AddProducts' and if you imagine we had the following:


Then it will show 5 treadmills upwards of 6000. What I would like is the ability from within the view to identify the ?name=treadmill and ?price=6000- parameters. If I could access those, then I would be able to add a hyperlink (we'll make it stylish too like our custom views) which goes like this:

<a href="/fitness-store/search/?name=treadmill&price=6000->View all</a>

If it's not possible, please let me know as I can just give content editors some standard code to create for their DFR shortcodes and then they have to modify the search query in two places is all.