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Default Frustrated...

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I'm pretty frustrated at the moment.. having gone through several of the video tutorials step by step and made the changes to my live site... but none of them seem to take effect.

I've done both a Settings Only update and a Products and Setting update after each tutorial and nothing.

The five tutorials I've worked through tonight are:
  • Formatting Category Image Sizes - DOES NOT WORK
  • Adding Category Descriptions, Images and Keywords - DOES NOT WORK
  • Changing Product List Template on Category Pages - DOES NOT WORK
  • Adding Custom CSS - DOES NOT WORK
  • Changing the Color & Text of your Buttons - DOES NOT WORK

Either I really do not have the overall concept down (which I am pretty sure I do) or there is something wrong with either Datafeedr or with the affiliate to whom I am linking (but that would not seem to have any effect on the layout??)

Going to bed for the night.. maybe tomorrow will shed more light on the problems.. and solutions.

Tom Murphy
Business Pacific LLC