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this is extremely cool and I will come with a massive list of merchant_id logo numbers! But, how can the logos be centered in the sidebar?

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Oh nevermind! should've looked at the code
$html .= '<img src="'.$logo_url.'" alt="'.$v->merchant.'" width="150" height="40" />'

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Eric ... when the logos appear in the sidebar, whether front page or product detail page ... how can you fix the link to the merchant? With the above code, if you click any of the logos it goes to [current.url]/?merchant_id link...
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Is there a way to list them continuously on the same line that wraps to the next line if runs out of room? EG my sidebar is 300px side, and could fit two 180px logos side by side, or I could place a widget just above the footer below content in a 660px wide content side by side ... I have a few stores with many vendors and linking them down the sidebar takes up too much space
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