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Originally Posted by dk3 View Post
Will Google bots read this way as a title tag?
Of course! It won't matter at all.

Originally Posted by dk3 View Post
Also, what other setting would allow me to have title tags per category without doing it guerrilla style.
Using PHP to inject a unique title.

Originally Posted by dk3 View Post
This is crazy to me that it's not a default setting in the first place. Not having title tags is like a book without a title!
It is a default thing and from an SEO standpoint, it's been argued that having your <title> contain the same words as your <h> tags in the content of the page is a good thing. Having a unique category title, different from your categories' names, is not the default way it is done in the Factory but it is possible.

By default, the Datafeedr plugin WILL put the category name as the first piece of text in your <title> tags. This is exactly how it works so I don't know why you are saying that there are no <title> tags.