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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
Yes in theory. But at this moment we do not process optional/custom fields as these fields can be used for anything.

As long as Shareasale does not provide a dedicated field for sales price it will not be possible to have sales prices for Shareasale merchants in Datafeedr.
Not good at all for an affiliate compnay thats been around for a while now and I find it a bit disconcerting and really surprised that this issue has not come up before with shareasale merchants and something done about it.

If I was a merchant I be jumping up and down at shareasle as I would be losing real sales because of this one issue.

How many of us using datafeedr are utilising shareasle I wonder and are losing out on potential sales because of such a minor thing with the datafeed format?

Regardless thank you kindly for answering my questions - I have forwarded your comments to shareasale now and I will wait to see if I get an answer on this issue.