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Hey team

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Been communicating with one of my merchants in regards to their feed. What I have been asking them is to include a way we could pick up their items on sale as well as their new products.

They seem to think this is a mammoth task for them to do. As I am not sure myself maybe you could give me some pointers here.

Their new products tend to have an image which has "new" showing, but that does not help me unless I want to spend hours trolling through all their images finding these products showing these images.

I then search the words new|newest|latest - result is not precise eough.

This company uses tags such as cameras equipment executive executive-gifts gifts gifts-specialty ip ip-cameras specialty surveillance surveillance-equipment

Could they not simply add a tag called new and this would enable me to have a new product page?

Or is there any other way for me using their current datafeed to isloate these new products because I cannot see one at this stage?

As far as their items on sale they seem to think as well it is a huge job for them to include this in their current feed and simply point me to one of their pages on their site which has this information in a spreadsheet form that anyone can download.

Any comments appreciated and would be helpful.