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Default Update Cannot Complete, Please Try Again?

I have neglected all my shops in the past 2011 partly due to a death in the family and non-interest and part laziness - however, I have maintained my monthly payment and would like to get back at to store building in 2012.

Although, it's possible that this was mentioned on other threads, I haven't scanned the forums. I did a search nothing came up however

I upgraded my recent plugin inside my blog to version: 3.4.3766 but, when I try to update the products and settings, I repeatedly get the following message below. Is there something I should be doing? My general plan is to (1) update plugin (2) get new products and settings I create inside factory. Has that process changed?

Thanks in advance, and Happy New Year

Update cannot complete, please try again (hung at download (lock=3508))

-Store data cannot be read,
Technical details:
plugin/plugin:139 view=none
app/tracker:61 track: no referrer
app/update:90 BEGIN: status=read
app/update:139 UPDATE FAILED
ERROR: err_read not_readable(122)
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