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I don't think the issue is choosing between a stand-alone store or integrating products into posts via shortcodes. Nor do I think it's an issue when you use a "Visit Store" link.

I think the real issue here is the amount and/or quality of the content. In the URL you provide the intro only contains about 100 words followed by 7 affiliate links.

In addition part of the content is duplicate content as you use the merchant's product descriptions.

Just enter this phrase in Google and see where it all appears:

Our signature product! Fantastically Fun Edible Fingerpaint, created in 2007 with babies in mind, adhering to a baby safe ingredients which are Organic!

When I add content to my personal sites my blog posts are always unique and at least 500 words and in most cases about 1000 words with just an affiliate link or two in the content.

Just ask yourself if you would remove ALL your affiliate links from a post could the content stand on itself? In other words would the content be worthwile for a visitor?

You could easily replace the post you're referring to with a useful 500 to 1000 word article about Edible Art Supplies such as

"5 Fun Projects With Edible Art Supplies For Kids" or "Choosing Edible Art Supplies For Kids What To Look For?" ...

and then include 1 or two links to a store page or to the merchant.

So I think your first task is to "fix" your content by adding more useful content to your existing posts and by decreasing the number of links per post.

I even would remove the affiliate links entirely. Then submit a reconsideration request. Once your site appears in Google again you can consider to monetize the site again.

Another more drastic option is to start from scratch again with a brand new domain taking into account above guidelines.