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It's hard to say what's the best way to organize your products without having any domain knowledge of 'gardening' in the UK.

It sounds like you have a high level of knowledge of this 'gardening' space and therefore you might turn the question around on yourself: "If I were coming to a site with gardening products, how would I want them organized and how would I want to browse through a list of products"?

I'm not sure if it makes sense to categorize them by merchant name. That only occasionally makes sense... like when the merchant is the brand (and vice versa). Or if there is significant merchant loyalty.... like if a customer is incentivized to use one particular merchant over another and the incentive is not price based. Maybe it could be contractual or through a rewards program... I actually can't think of a good example of this.

But if your merchants carry many different brands and your visitors probably don't have merchant-loyalty, I personally wouldn't categorize products by merchant.


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