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Default Tinkering With Shop Layout Approach... What Do U Think?


Having uploaded a store to my site and read and re-read and re-read, looked actually, at a lot of videos, I am slowly picking things up - awesome flexibility.

What I seem to need to take on board is the notion that "less is more" and to get the visitor through to the merchants web site asap with as few clicks as possible.

To this end I am looking to revamp the way I am setting up my 'shop' - must go with the Anglo-Saxon title .

I intend to choose just 4-6 good merchants in my niche (already promoting them) and place them as the categories rather than product.

Home page will intro them.

When a merchant is clicked from the cat list the visitor will be taken to a page where examples of most popular products will be featured and also a comparison set up.

The next click would be to take them to the merchants site.

Question 1. Is this a feasible way to approach the set up - please advise with any pointers
Question 2. Should I wish to revert back is there a way to save the searches I already have.

My 'shop' is a sub-domain of my main site which gets nearly 1,000,000 uniques per year. This type of affiliate marketing is new to me
so would appreciate thoughts on the most effective way to link to the 'shop' from my main site.