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They have determined that the guy that installed the Total Cache followed an old document for preferred settings. They will be updating the doc with their new recommendations.

Putting this here to maybe help someone else out.

Hostgator and W3 Total Cache Settings

We do have a guide which is currently outdated, I have escalated this issue and we will update the tutorial as soon as possible, if you like to view it you can find it on the following page, please note the Page Cache Method: Disk (Enhanced) part is incorrect due to recent changes made to the plugin by its developers:

I was able to connect from my mobile and kick off an update. It hung up for a while trying to update (I believe due to DNS issues) but now has apparently updated and products are back in the store front.

My ISP apparently still has cloudflare records for this site.

Thank you again for your persistence when the issue wasn't even yours...