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Hi Eric,
sorry i should have explained, I have 2 wp installations under the 1 domain :

I have 2 installations as I need a datafeed for the UK costumes suppliers and one for the US suppliers.

All my content pages are now in place correctly i.e. wordpress pages and posts.

on the uk side say I click on the "freddy Krueger" link in the left handside column, it should display under the url:

Also if I click on "freddy Krueger" link on the US store, it should display under the url:

which it does not on both.

This worked fine the last time you kindly set it up for me. However, since I started playing around with the uk and us pages and posts on wordpress i.e.

the categories are now not loading correctly.

To my knowledge the url settings do resemble the paths i need them to be, but its not working, and I cant figure out why.

Hopefully thats cleared up what im trying to achieve