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Hi Eric,
Ok I now have a 2nd WP install on my domain, in a folder called "us".

I have 2 problems...


the main "Uk" side of everything is working perfectly. However when im trying to set up the "US" side im having problems.

Here you can see how I want the set up, it work on the store page for UK.


on the side (2nd installation), although im using the same category code, it doesn't quite show up the same. i.e. buttons missing, no image etc. What am I doing wrong?

Also on the UK side I have a category named "Freddy Krueger" on the left if you click that it takes you to ,,,perfect, just how I want it.

However, I try and do the same thing with the "us" side, and it constantly gives me no posts found. Now I think its down to the url paths that im using, but ive tried every combination i can think of, I cant get this to work.

Can you help please?