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Reason8, thanks but isn't there something more simple than this, I'm trying it now but if you look at for example two themes, twentyten 1.1 and pagelines platform, set reading to latest posts, images show in twenty ten but not platform, why I don't know and I think this is thumbnail related.

Furthermore, when using your php in functions, the images are far too big and break the post but getting host to change access now, is there a way of getting DFR images whether external or uploaded to site to work with the vast array of plugins automatically? For instance sliders etc. I just want the images from dripped posts to show up as visual is obviously more appealing.

And Eric, Hello, I do enjoy this product but is there not an easier way to get images to show? I am using the 'special recent posts' plugin and thanks to reason8, images will work in that but is this possibly something you can consider making automatic in DFR please? Ability to make images easily used within a wp theme. If reason8 enables 'featured posts slideshow' to work also then even better as I've spent hours on this tonight.