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Currently you can't add or modify tags.

But your products do have tags. You just need to make some changes to the tag cloud settings in order to get them to display.

The default tag cloud looks like this:
HTML Code:
<!-- Tag Cloud -->
  [store.each_tag sort="name" limit="25" size="80/200%" freq="5/50"]
     <a href="[]" title="[tag.count] products" style="font-size:[tag.size]">[ dash=" "]</a>
<!-- /Tag Cloud -->
You can configure your tag cloud in this line:
HTML Code:
[store.each_tag sort="name" limit="25" size="80/200%" freq="5/50"]
sort - determines the order in which the tags are displayed. They can be sorted by "name" or by "count" (meaning most to least occurring tag).

limit - sets the max number of tags to display in the cloud

size - sets the font size for the small and the largest tag. It could be written like "10/20 px" or "80/200%"

freq - this is where you can fine tune which tags are shown and which aren't. The default is freq="5/50" which means show only the tags which occur in at least 5 products but in fewer than 50 products.

The freq parameter is the one you will need to tweak in order to get some tags showing on your site.