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Default Brand Filter problem

Hi Eric,

The brand filter isnt working correctly.

Basically if i'm filtering wetsuits and i want to filter Quiksilver it doesnt prick up all the quiksilver wetsuits

This wetsuit is left out

I had the same problem with O'Neill wetsuits. I had to create a seperate brand filter for O'Neill wetsuits. However, the same thing is happening it doesnt show all O'Neill wetsuits.

I thought a brand filter would just choose the keyword in the title like O'Neill or Quiksilver? Otherwise this gets real confusing for the user as theres both Quiksilver Wetsuits and Quiksilver brand filter. If the user want a wetsuit they will choose 'Quiksilver wetsuits' and lose out on the rest which dont show.

Can this be fixed?
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