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Default Hidden Categories question

Eric, the description for Category Type says:

"Normal category is shown in the categories menu. You can use slash-separated names to create multiple categories at once.

Hidden category doesn't appear in the categories menu, but can be referred to in DFR tags or used for dripping."

I want something in between these two options... like I always do!

I want to have a hidden category with a bunch of products in it. I don't want it to display in the categories navigation, to make it available to the user, but if someone (ie googles spider) went direct to the url, then I would like the details page to display.

Some background why I need this:
I am fixing up a lot of my stores and in one case, I have a merchant in both SaS and CJ. I was originally using their SaS feed, but I want to use their CJ feed as it is soooo much better, as we all know to work with CJ. So I want to put all of the SaS products in a hidden category, so that any links from else where on the web, to these old products, still show (ie kaboodle). There are just hundreds of them and I have previously been redirecting them all individually, but that is sooo much work.

Another instance is when I want to test out a store with 1 of 3 different available merchants to see which one performs the best. When the pages go live, the product detail pages get indexed by google. But if I remove the products from the store, then google fusses as it can't find half of my websites previously indexed urls. I want to try a few weeks with merchant 1, a few with merchant 2, a few with merchant 3. But only one merchant at a time displaying in the categories page. But I want the other two merchant's products to still be accessible by the direct Page Detail url (for google and kaboodles sake), but not available to the person browsing the site.

Any ideas on how I can make this possible?

Oh please oh please don't say it is not possible ever. I hope it is at least a "future" possibility.