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Originally Posted by rexmtn View Post
I just tried storing my images locally. First I setup the directories, and then I set up the urls. And then clicked the "update products and settings button". And then *nothing happened*

After a while I figured out that it only downloads images after you look at each product - wtf? Why cant I just download all the images at once? Now my store has a whole bunch of "no image available" images and looks terrible. Its a good thing I tried this on my new store that is still under development and not live.

The problem with those specific images is that they have a space in the URL. We are working on a fix for this that will be released in Version 3.2.

In the meantime, as a quick fix, you can upload the missing images manually, by taking these steps

- get the product id (under the "more info" link in the factory)

- locate the product in the Factory (e.g. by using the Discovery tool and "Similar to" search)

- click "more info"

- click the product image (or thumbnail), choose "save as" and save under product-id.jpg (example: 842200197926893.jpg)

- upload the saved image to the images (or thumbnails) directory (normally. "/wp-content/uploads/store/products/images")