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Originally Posted by Eric View Post

Storing images locally will definitely speed things up. The initial download of the images may take some time but after they are downloaded, your site should run fast.

You can simply click the [Set Up] button on the Directories page and that will attempt to create the necessary directories for your images. Once your URL Settings are set up properly using %li and %lt, then your images will be stored locally.

I just tried storing my images locally. First I setup the directories, and then I set up the urls. And then clicked the "update products and settings button". And then *nothing happened*

After a while I figured out that it only downloads images after you look at each product - wtf? Why cant I just download all the images at once? Now my store has a whole bunch of "no image available" images and looks terrible. Its a good thing I tried this on my new store that is still under development and not live.